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The McNamee Effect

John is a cartoonist and writer for the Onion
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Jun 20 '12
More Pawn Shows! - watch more funny videos

Do you like Pawn Stars and Hardcore Pawn? Than you’ll love this video I made!

If you hate those shows, then you’ll really love this video.

If you are indifferent to them, then watch this to get an opinion.

Jun 8 '12

Best Rap Video of the Day

Sample Lyrics

  • Even if you had infinity knives, I’d punch you up in the air like a kite.
  • Beyonce thinks that I’m cute. It’s ok Beyonce I think you’re cute too.
  • I have 400 mouses and 400 houses.
May 9 '12
Crazy Gary! - watch more funny videos

Check out this video I wrote and direct.

Nov 10 '11
Three Things with Gov. Rick Perry - watch more funny videos

New sketch I worked on.

Feb 14 '11